Cult Pens Journal Starter Pack


Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a magical day!

For a brief moment in time, Cult Pens was offering a special starter pack so folks could dive right into the bullet journaling craze. For £19, I received a navy box full of great supplies. It was a fabulous way to add to my stash and to try new products. Sadly, they have completely sold out of these packs and won’t be restocking, but you can still get the items separately!

What’s in the box:

  • I really like the erasable pens. They tend to work better on some surfaces than on others, but they are really handy!
  • I was a Sakura Micron girl for a couple years, but then I finally caved (at Liat and Alora’s glowing recommendation) and switched to Staedtler fineliners. The 0.05 size is perfect for drawing fine details, so it’s great to have a new one when my current one runs out.
  • After my last purchase from Cult Pens where I paid 10p to sample a Stabilo Boss pastel highlighter, I was in love. And I was given a 20% coupon for Boss products, so I bought the pastels in pink, turquoise, and lavender to match the mint one in this set and the peach one I already had.The green gel pen is really nice. It writes SO smoothly and is now my go-to pen — along with the Stabilo Sensor.
  • I really love the length of the dual-ended Tombow brush pen. I already know I need lots of them in lots of colours!
  • Yessss, a new Kuru Toga mechanical pencil! I’ve mentioned before that I LOVE my 0.7mm, which is all I ever use to sketch with. This bright green one is an 0.5mm, so it’s just as useful as the other one because it can draw finer details.

Yay, more Staedtler! I quite like that these coloured pencils have a protective layer on the core. I have such a hard time with my Prismacolours breaking, so this is a welcome change.

And here’s the journal! It’s a nice size — not too big, and not too tiny. It fits easily in my bags. It has a wee folder in the back, and the pages are all a dot grid, so this is just the kind of journal I’ve been looking at for a while!

I put the adhesive Leuchtturm pen loop on a bit too far onto the back cover, which means the journal doesn’t easily close if I put a fatter pen in the loop!

Yeeeeesss tape! I tape so many things into my journals that these are godsends.

I love these cheerful clips, and the metal-toned page markers are rather classy! It didn’t wind up in the photo, but there’s a rose-gold toned page marker in there as well.


I think that’s me set for all my writing needs, and even a bit of drawing to boot!





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