Cult Pens – A Review (plus product swatches!)



Hello loves! Happy Wednesday, wherever you are in the world! Today I’m going to talk about Cult Pens and the awesome products I’ve gotten from their website. I’ve placed two orders with them so far and have been SUPER HAPPY with both!

Cult Pens are a UK-based retailer who have been selling an impressive array of art and writing supplies since 2005. They claim to stock rarer colours and refills, and they’re absolutely right! I’ve never seen such a selection before!

Their website is easy to navigate and you can explore by brand, by colour, and even by type.  They have such a wide range of products that I don’t think I’ll have to look anywhere else for anything I need. And their prices are great!

In my second order, I accidentally added a pen I didn’t end up wanting, but I forgot to remove it before I checked out. I immediately emailed customer service about it, and staff member Helen responded within the hour and was absolutely lovely! She removed the item and refunded me for it, and then the order was sent out that day. Less than twenty four hours later, my awesome parcel had arrived. So I can definitely vouch for Cult Pens’ claim that they have brilliant customer service and lightning-fast despatch.

In both orders, I’ve received little product samples along with a mini bag of Haribo gummies. I love this special little touch and it makes me feel like I matter as a customer.

Because I’m a self-proclaimed pen geek who practically froths at the mouth at the sight of new supplies, here’s a look at what I’ve gotten so far from Cult Pens!


Copic Ciao Markers – £2.49 ea.
I’m slowly building my Copic collection two to three markers at a time. The Ciao is a little cheaper, so I tend to go for them before the Sketch markers, even though I prefer Sketch!  And yes, I really did swatch R000; it’s just THAT pale! 🙂

Copic Various Ink Refill
 – £5.95

 There’s so much ink in these, which makes them well worth the price! They can refill a classic marker 9 times, a Wide 6 times, a Sketch 12-13 times, and a Ciao 17 times. If I could, I’d really stock up on them so I could refill immediately, although Cult Pens’s shipping is so speedy that I wouldn’t have to wait long anyway.

Sakura Gelly Roll Golden Shadow gel pen in Pink – £2.39

I may have mentioned this before, but I’m slightly obsessed with Sakura products. Their fineliners, brush pens, and gel pens are amazing and I always used to buy them loose from Curry’s or DeSerres. I love using them to accent my art! The Golden Shadow and Silver Shadow pens are a really nice effect, with a gold or silver line in the centre and the coloured ink outlining it.

Stabilo Boss Pastel Highlighter in Creamy Peach – £1.75

I love these fat highlighters. I’m a sucker for both the Stabilo brand and pastel colours, so when I saw that I could try a random colour for just 10p, I was all over it.  I received Creamy Peach, which I really like even though I’m generally not a fan of orange shades! I also received a 20% order code, so I’ll get a nice little discount when I order more next month.

Stabilo Sensor Fineliner in Black – £1.16

This pen boasts a micro-cushioned nib, designed to withstand writing pressure that would normally make other nibs split and break (which has happened to me a LOT). Like the Boss highlighter, it was briefly available to try out for 10p. I love this kind of pen because it just glides across paper and always has an even flow of ink! It’s so pleasant to write with!

Pentel Dual Metallic Gel Pen in Black/Metallic Red – £1.95

I LOVE the two-tone effect on this pen depending on what angle you look at it. It’s also really pretty head-on. I think I’d like to get more colours, especially the blue-to-green.


Manuscript Callicreative Italic Markers in Fine, Medium, and Broad – £1.49 ea.

I got these for a Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal! I’m looking forward to writing and adding extra details with these markers. Obviously I need a good deal of practice so they look decent, especially the Broad one… Yikes!

So I really can’t recommend Cult Pens enough. If you’re looking for interesting pens, markers, pencils or stationery, then grab a cup of tea and settle in because you’re going to be there a while! 🙂

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