Crafty Corner – Granny Squares, Part One

This year, I’ve joined my mom in the Block A Month Crochet Along (or BAMCAL) challenge on Ravelry. It’s been a great learning experience, as I’ve never done granny squares before, and some have been harder than others. Some went a bit too far past my skill/comfort level, so I found alternate patterns and substituted.

My theme this year has been Virginia Sunsets with gradient pastels. In my years in Virginia, sunset skies could often be quite dramatic, but other times they were perfect pastel renderings of ice blue, pink, peach, and lavender. I was mostly inspired by this photo I took in Roanoke in 2007:

My plan was to use four gradients throughout the year, so four 12″ squares and four 6″ squares per gradient. I accidentally made one too many 12″ squares with my first gradient, so I had to rethink that a bit!

The first gradient I used was a beautiful, slightly shimmery yarn that had been in Jon’s grandmother’s stash. After she was moved into a retirement home and no longer had the mental awareness to knit, the yarn was passed to me. I had two and a half beautiful skeins of it that I used for the following squares, and after she passed away earlier this year, I often thought about her while crocheting even though I hadn’t known her very well. Here’s all the squares I made with this yarn!


Moody Blue (12″)

Kaleidoscope Blossom (12″)

Starfire (12″)

Butterfly Garden (12″)


Cygnus (12″)

Checks and Balances (6″)

The Efflorescent Window (6″)

Twisted Braids (6″)

Window Box Granny (6″)


I’m still working on my second gradient, but I should be able to show you all of those squares in the next couple of weeks! And then it will be time for me to hunt for the third (and last) of the gradients!



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