Crafty Corner – Temperature Scarves

Hello hello! Today’s Crafty Corner post is displaying both of my temperature scarves that I’ve been working on!

My scarves are a take on the ever-popular temperature afghanI thought it would be easier to do something on a smaller scale because I have trouble focusing on one thing for too long! One scarf chronicles my first year in Canada, from December 19th, 2010 to December 19th, 2011. The other one is chronicling my first year in England, so it spans November 6th, 2016 to November 6th, 2017. I am currently at the halfway point of both scarves! Check them out side by side!

There’s Toronto on the left, England on the right. I LOVE how very different they are from each other.

I made custom temperature colour keys for each scarf. Due to the UK Midlands having less dramatic temperature changes, its colour key is slightly different from the Toronto one to let me display more colours through the year. Their keys are as follows:

Toronto – in Celsius:
Below -6* – Dark Purple
-5* to 0* – Purple
1* to 5* – Dark Blue
6* to 10* – Aqua
11* to 15* – Light Aqua
16* to 20* – Light Green
21* to 25* – Yellow
26* to 30* – Orange
31* to 35* – Red
Above 35* – Hot Pink

England – in Celsius:
0* and below: Purple
1* to 4*: Dark Blue
5* to 8* – Aqua
9* to 12* – Light Aqua
13* to 16* – Light Green
17* to 19* – Yellow
20* to 23* – Orange
24* and up – Red
28* and above – Hot Pink

I’m really looking forward to them both being done. They’re going to be long and chunky, edged in black, and I may crochet tiny Canada and UK flags to sew onto one end of each scarf. Then I’ll be able to wear two very special years of my life and remember bits and bobs of each.

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