Crafty Corner – Finished Afghan!

Hi everyone!

I’ve finally finished my first crochet blanket for a 2017 crochet along on Ravelry.  If anybody remembers, I was working on this afghan at this time a year ago and hadn’t gotten all the squares done because so many of them intimidated me and my skill level. I didn’t end up doing the entire lot of squares (twelve main 12″, twelve 6″, and twelve 12″ alternates to the main squares), and I substituted others with ones I felt were easier to create. I joined them all and edged them with a simple triple row of double crochet (treble in UK terms), and I love the result! It made a beautiful little lap blanket that I know will come in handy as the weather turns chilly.

The colours were inspired by two of my favourite photos I took when I lived in Virginia, one from 2007 and one from 2008. They were both pastel sunsets over Roanoke; pastel sunsets seemed so common then, gentle shades of pink, peach, blue and lavender with sharp contrasts of black as the city darkened.

If I’m going to be completely honest, I’m quite proud of this blanket. I’ve learned new things along the way, and I’m eager to start making more blankets in the future because there are some really gorgeous patterns floating around Ravelry! Here’s the list of patterns I used in my blanket:

The 12″ Squares
Moody Blue
Butterfly Garden
Kaleidoscope Blossom
Chocolate Delight
Wheel Lattice
That One Sister

The 6″ Squares
The Efflorescent Window
Window Box
Checks and Balances
Granny Square #1
Popcorn Puff
Granny Square with a Flower

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