Crafty Corner – Finally, New Projects!

Howdy everyone! Today I’ve got a new craft post for you, and it’s about time.  I haven’t been feeling terribly crafty in a while now, but here’s what I’ve managed to do in the past month! With spring being here now, I’m hoping way more projects will get finished and make their way onto the blog. Patterns from the crochet projects can be found at the bottom of the post!

First up, here’s a little magical twist on an adorable cat coaster.

Then I made an equally adorable coffee sleeve! I had to model it on my wrist, as I didn’t have a cup for that purpose at the time 😉

These lovely fluted wristwarmers were made with a yarn I bought at Tiger a few months ago. Doesn’t it remind you of the sky right before the sun rises on a clear day? I can’t get enough wristwarmers and armwamers in my life. I’ve got two or three armwarmer patterns in my queue, actually!

This bunny ear bow headband is super cute! I’m thinking of sewing the knot in place so I don’t have to keep tying it onto my head and getting my hair tangled in it in the process.  You can tell I took this picture last month, due to the Pusheen calendar in the background!

And my latest finished project comes from a recent issue of Mollie Makes. This wood cross-stitch banner was really easy and quite fun! (I’ve also just noticed I forgot to trim the tassel edges afterwards… whoops!)



Cat coaster

Cat coffee sleeve

Bunny ears headband



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