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Howdy! I hope all is going well in your neck of the woods, dear friends and readers. Today I’m sharing my crochet projects from the last few months.

My new niece, Olivia Grace, was born on July 30th. There’s a big unicorn theme going on for her, so I wanted to make her this little hat! It turned out too big for her as a newborn, but I’m sending it off within the next few weeks because it’ll start fitting her soon enough!

Next up we have a block-a-month blanket I’m working on to celebrate Olivia’s first year of life! I decided to go with a bold, bright colour scheme for this — a rainbow of life and joy. It’s hard to believe that she’s just about two months old already! She’s growing fast, looking cuter by the day, and I might be biased but I think she looks identical to her mother as a baby!

(Please note that these two squares haven’t been blocked yet!)

Month 1 – Light in Darkness

Month 2 – Beautifully Bold

I’m excited about the upcoming months and colours. I think Month 3 will be lime green, turquoise, yellow, and black.

Now for a few personal projects! I can never get enough wrist warmers and arm warmers. I have an ever-growing collection in a basket in our bedroom, many pairs either given to me by Liat and Alora from their own collection or purchased at Pacific Mall. They all have wonderful memories attached to them, but lately I’ve been making my own as well. I usually can’t resist a good Burton-esque vertical stripe, so here’s what my newest pair looks like!

I made this cute little strawberry heart applique to turn into a pin!

I’ve had so many Pokemon patterns in my Ravelry library and queue for over a year now, and I hadn’t touched a single one of them. Ugh! So I finally sat down and made up this shiny Pumpkaboo, right in time for autumn’s arrival! It’s far from perfect and I’m considering making a smaller pumpkin body for it to replace the current one, but it’s cute nonetheless!

Ice cream bears! These were quite fun to make, especially when I made the double-scoop one into a star/space theme. I need slightly bigger safety eyes for the next time I make one of these, I think!

Finally, a finished Mollie Makes kit!

And another finished Mollie Makes project! This little guy is a pincushion!

With the exception of the Mollie Makes kits, as they are from old issues, here are the links to these crochet patterns on Ravelry:

Unicorn Hat
Adelia Wrist Warmers
Pumpkaboo Amigurumi
Beautifully Bold Granny Square
Anemone Granny Lace Square
Kawaii Bears Ice Cream
Heart Strawberry Applique

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