Copic Swatches!

Howdy everyone! I hope you’ve been having a lovely week. I thought it’d be pretty neat to get swatches of all my current Copic markers for anyone of the artistic persuasion who’s curious about some of the colours. I’m always chasing after swatches whenever I’m wanting to buy a new marker, but my web searches always seem to come up short. I can usually refer to Liat and Alora for swatches as they have quite a large collection, but there’s some I’ve wanted that they don’t have yet.

I tell ya, I’m a Copic nerd. I can recognize a lot of the colours by name, and even sometimes by its colour code and number combination. I might be obsessed!

These swatches were done on plain printer paper (not the best surface, but I need to buy more marker paper!) in natural daylight. Screen colours will vary, but I think these are as close as possible to trying the marker in person!

I hope these swatches are helpful to you! And even if they aren’t, I hope you enjoy looking at these lovely shades anyway.

From left: B99 – Agate; B06 – Peacock Blue; B05 – Process Blue; B02 – Robin’s Egg Blue; B00 – Frost Blue

From left: YG13 – Chartreuse; G14 – Apple Green; G05 – Emerald Green

From left: R32 – Peach; YR68 – Orange; Y38 – Honey; Y21 – Buttercup Yellow

From left: BG72 – Ice Ocean; BG78 – Bronze; BG09 – Blue Green

From left: BV31 – Pale Lavender; BV02 – Prune; BV04 – Blue Berry; BV17 – Deep Reddish Blue

From left: R000 – Cherry White; RV10 – Pale Pink; RV13 – Tender Pink; RV34 – Dark Pink; RV19 – Red Violet

From left: E04 – Lipstick Natural; E15 – Dark Suntan; E23 – Hazelnut

Happy colouring!

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