Christmastime in the City

Hello all! Happy December to you in your neck of the woods!

Whatever you happen to celebrate this month (of if you don’t celebrate anything in particular), there’s no denying that December is absolutely exploding with tinsel, glitter, good cheer, bad traffic and long queues. Living in a city, even a small one such as Leicester, is truly a magical thing at this time of year when everything starts to glow and shine. Yes, the shops all become quite annoying when even daily errands get bungled by grumpy crowds shopping for gifts, but I still enjoy the atmosphere while grabbing my things and sidling out into freedom.

Our photo set today starts with the Leicester Christmas lights switch-on that happened one month ago on November 23rd. The very centre of the city was packed to the gills as the countdown began. And then, everything came alight!

I then decided to walk through Haymarket to see what its decorations looked like.

Then, I braved Highcross. I gravitated right toward John Lewis and all their beautiful decorations and treats.

Then I walked over to City Hall to see all their festive lights!

And other parts of the city centre are quite festive, too!

Since then, there’s been lots of lovely treats and drinks! I told Jon that if it’s festive themed, I’m going to eat/drink it. From chocolate orange waffle pops to winter themed cocktails and a Christmas dinner calzone shaped like a Christmas cracker, I’ve been filling myself with holiday cheer. And plenty of calories.

Manhattan34 dressed up in magical winter gear and their monthly jazz band, The Snowfathers, played some classy Christmas tunes down in the cellar.

Jon and I went to Curve Theatre to see Scrooge: The Musical. “A Christmas Carol” and all its incarnations has been one of my favourite things since I was a child, and this show was so very full of great talent! It was our first show we’d ever gone to see, and it was just fantastic. It runs until early January, so I highly recommend seeing it if you’re going to be in Leicester over Christmastime.

And, of course, there’s our little Avalon all a-twinkle.

I hope you all have been having beautiful holidays. It’s time to go finish getting ready to go to Ravenstone for Christmas, and my heart is fit to burst with the gentle happiness that’s been flooding it lately.

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