Christmas Now Past

Hello everyone! Happy Saturday in your neck of the woods! I hope January has been treating you well and that you’ve been getting through with feelings of fresh excitement. I promise I’ll stop slacking and will write more posts, especially some for My Neck of the Woods as I’ve entered my second official year in the UK and I am still so in love with where I live!

I realized that I never posted pictures of what Christmas looked like at home, so I thought better late than never, right? Our haven turned into a glittering wonderland, filled with coppers, blues, and teals that matched our pre-existing decor theme.  We even had copper coloured lights on our four-foot tree, and anyone who knows me well knows I’m a multicolour lights sort of woman!

It was nice to come home from work and relax with my husband in the living room, with the tree lights twinkling and everything around us looking so bright and festive. It felt magical, just as my little city itself did.

Our five days spent in Ravenstone were quiet and beautiful. Matt picked us up at our flat and drove us down on Christmas Eve, just as Elaine and Amelia were pulling a batch of party food out of the oven. Despite the slight kitchen chaos, everything seemed to slow down and sweeten.

We slept in on Christmas morning. Nobody rushed. It was a grey, windy, rainy day, exactly the same as the previous year, and somehow it was comforting. We prepared our massive dinner feast and ate in the afternoon, and once we were wonderfully full we all settled down to open all our gifts.

I didn’t have my Nikon with me this time, so the following are typical phone photos!


The table set with Jon’s prawn cocktail (which is always delicious) and some crackers!

Sneaking a shot of the tree in during dinner prep…

The aftermath! I had practically buried myself in the new scarves and clothing I received from Amelia, Elaine, and Nanny Pat!

Merry Christmas from us weirdos!

I hauled all the cheeses and the grapes from the utility room fridge to the kitchen and assembled a delicious cheese board. Seriously, I could’ve ate it all myself. Then there was Elaine’s trifle in the background, tempting me. Another thing I could consume all on my own!

On Boxing Day, we had a gargantuan lunch full of wonderful foods including Elaine’s quiche and Cheese Board Part 2.
Spending the evenings in the little living room was so pleasant, especially when there was a fire going. There’s Elaine watching the fire after putting more kindling in.

My heart was very full in December. I made some wonderful new memories to take into 2018, and I hope you did as well!


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