Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my beautiful readers 🙂

The Winter Solstice has occurred for us in the northern hemisphere, whilst the Summer Solstice danced its glory to you deep down south. The light has begun its ascent back to us in a hushed breath, in quiet magical glory.

When the sun began to rise on the day of the Solstice, I could tell only by the sky becoming less of a deep blue, as it was shaping up to be a very cloudy day. I was up at 6am with anxiety issues, so I stayed awake for a few hours and drew this for you all. I was so driven to do it, that I couldn’t even take a moment’s pause until it was done! I love when that happens because it’s so exhilarating 🙂 This will be available as a print as soon as possible! 10341643_10153426602883337_8224429369822380173_nLight returns from the darkness, and I have wonderful news that I want to share with you all on this magical eve.

My twin flame and I are getting married two months from today.

We knew we were getting married at some point in 2016, so it was simply a matter of time and legalities. Having an official date suddenly made it wonderfully tangible, making my heart flutter and my spirit skyrocket until I felt like I might float away if I didn’t tie my ankles to the floor.

We had originally planned to get married in Virginia, surrounded by my family and the softly rolling blue mountains. We were going to fly down with Liat and Alora too, so I’d made plans to get Alora’s passport and get us all ready to go. But then bad news came in that Canadian immigration has put all permanent residency renewals on the back burner in favour of initial permanent residency applications, so I’m looking at a possible wait time of nine months until my card is renewed. I applied to renew in September, and my card expires at the end of January. This doesn’t affect my actual residency since it’s eventually going to be processed, but it means that if I travel outside Canada, I can’t get back in until I have a valid card again.

This posed a huge problem simply because I didn’t know if I’d be able to come home before immigrating to the UK. I’ll need to do things like get rid of some belongings, ship others over, close my bank account, tie up other loose ends, and have a proper goodbye with my friends. Also, what if an issue came up with my renewal application (if they ever get to it) and I needed to be in Canada to deal with it? I’d also have to contact them to tell them I was currently out of the country. It was so stressful to even think of.

It was a difficult decision, one that I freaked out and panicked over, but in the end Jonno and I decided to get married in Canada instead. My mother was amazingly supportive, as she always is, and put aside her own desire to see me and told me to make the decision that was less stressful for us. Her words and her wisdom calmed me, and even though I felt like a terrible daughter and sister in deciding not to go to Virginia, I knew it was the right thing to do.

Besides, my mother might be able to come up for the event. 🙂

I won’t be able to request my marriage certificate for eight weeks from the date of the wedding, which felt frustrating at first given that the officiant I wanted in Virginia would have gotten it to me in one hour, and it’s a requirement for a UK spousal visa. But Jon and I can take these two months and carefully prepare the paperwork for the visa, then have it all done and just stick in the marriage certificate once it arrives and then send the whole thing off. As long as it’s done before the notorious “summer slowdown”, we should have an answer in a week or so after that. So it’s better that we handle this in a non-rushed manner to make sure everything is correct!

I’ve been steadily working on acquiring my wedding accessories. It’s going to be a tiny event with the girls and hopefully a couple other close friends present (and my mom if she can come), and we’re not dressing fancy, but I wanted nice hair items and a nice bouquet! The flowers for my bouquet are in the top of this pic. Some are pre-made, others I’ve whipped up and the girls and my family are making me others soon. The colour scheme just kind of happened randomly 🙂f296615d2fe28c133ae1a4ebe8008a3206c34a5a61814cb33ff4102dfd96d798See the big shiny brooch in the teal flower in the centre? That belonged to my great-great grandmother 🙂

These are our beautiful rings. They stuck out to me so much that they kind of rocked my world, and when I showed them to Jon they were his favourites as well, so I knew they were the ones. We had them sent to my mom since it was free shipping in the US and it was while we were planning to get married down there, but now she’s sending them up after Christmas. il_570xN.803993988_hyrlTungsten Wedding Bands with Abalone & Koa Wood by Aolani Hawaii

Their colours reminds me of the photos of Iceland that Jon and I look at (we have a strong fascination with the place). I can’t wait for us to wear them!

So that is our spectacular news. I hope you all can share in the joy we are currently feeling 🙂

Last Christmas, I felt sad and rather hopeless. Everything seemed so far away and I was feeling less and less in control of my mental state and my life. This year, I feel incredible.

May your holidays be bright and full of warmth and love, whether it’s your whole big family or just your cat. The holidays are for everyone, and I hope they bless you through the coming new year. Let’s make 2016 the best year yet!


Love and Christmas lights,

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