Treat Yourself to Flowers

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Are you seriously done with the sludgy, grey end of winter? Are you eagerly looking forward to springtime? Do you need a little pick-me-up?

I say it’s high time you bought yourself some flowers. This week. Today, even.

You know, those bright blooms who coax you in for a closer look every time you’re at the grocery store or market, or when you pass by a florist? You smile briefly and feel your heart lift a little; if you’re artistically inclined, you might feel inspired by a particular colour arrangement. But then you pass them by. Maybe you think it’s a bit silly to buy yourself flowers.

This week, why not pick up a little bouquet all for yourself? Why? Well, just because you can, that’s why!

And it’s a nice gesture to say to yourself “Hey, you! You’re pretty awesome and you deserve these nice things today!” Especially if it’s been a cruddy day or you’re feeling rather puny.

Get mixed flowers. Get a bouquet in your favourite colour or variety.   Don’t like cut flowers? Try to find potted ones that you

Bring them home and arrange them in the nicest vase you own. Pitchers, heavy-bottomed pint glasses, glass beer steins, decanters, or even a spare watering can will do in a pinch. Take a couple of the blooms and enjoy the old-fashioned hobby of pressing them in a book. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, look up how to preserve them in resin (it looks time consuming but I imagine it’s well worth it!).

I picked up these eleven roses for £2.10 from Lidl. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and I wanted to bring some of that sunny cheerfulness indoors. I got these roses because there was one that plainly stood out from the rest, and it was bigger than the others!

They’re so photogenic, aren’t they?

Enjoy the cheerful burst of colour in your house, no matter the time of year, and take pleasure in these little things. It’s all part of living as your succulent goddess self.


Cross stitch pattern by MezzDesign of Etsy

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