Brightly shone the moon that night

Day 22 – What still needs to be done?
Not much, thankfully!  We still need to buy fondue stuff for Christmas Eve, but our Christmas food shopping just got done and all presents have been bought except for our good friend Anthony’s.  We’ll be getting his gift on the 26th when we go with him to do Boxing Day shopping!


Day 22 Photography Challenge – Presents under the tree






Day 23 – Stockings


Ever since I was an infant, I’ve had a Christmas stocking.


It’s been everywhere.  Under the tree, on the wall, hung onto the tv console, et cetera.   My mom made one for me for my first Christmas and it’s been around ever since, although I don’t have it up here with me in Canada.


My stocking has always been the first thing to get ransacked on Christmas morn, and it was full of candy and little gifts.  Mom often took to wrapping everything that wasn’t candy, because she really liked wrapping presents.


This year, my stocking contains candy, nail polish, a box of special tea from David’s Tea, learner’s chopsticks, lip balms, and something Alora shoved in there that took up most of the room!  We’re ransacking our stockings tomorrow evening, so I’m excited to see everything I got =)




Day 23 Photography Challenge – Red


Alora’s stocking…




Love and light,


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