Pagan Blog Project – A and B

I’ve begun the Pagan Blog Project, but I’m afraid I am quite far behind! I have a lot of catching up to do before I can post the same letter as everyone else does. I’m making this part of my 30 day blog challenge!

I’ve seen many wonderful long, informative blog posts in this challenge. Until I catch up, I probably will be making pretty short posts! Sorry everyone!

A is for Altar

I created my original altar a year or so ago, on a low glass coffee table that I found on someone’s curb. It was a perfect little table without a scratch or dent on it. It was low to the floor, perfect for meditating and working while sitting on plushy cushions. I went to a thrift shop and was drawn to a piece of sheer, bright orange Indian fabric with sparkly blue and pink embroidery all over it for the altar’s cloth.

This altar was full of things I was drawn to, including bits of Nature, crystals, candles of various colours, and more. This photo was taken last Autumn when I decorated it for the season…
There were glittery pumpkins and gourds, a leaf garland, string lights, and representations of the elements (a feather, a seashell, a smooth stone, and a red candle). There was the spirit doll that my biomom made for me.

This ancestral altar was created last year to honour my adopted Dad and Mom, who passed away in 2009 and 2012 respectively. The red thread was there to represent both Mom’s favourite colour and her seamstress nature, and the baseball represented my Dad’s favourite sport.

This spring, my altar began to transition as I replaced my little glass table with pretty wicker furniture from my mother-in-law’s parents’ office.

The main tier so far, including a representation of my spirit animal, the caribou! The leather box contains my crystals, and I’m slowly starting to fill my mini BoS. I’m going to make a little clay stand so the quartz point stands upright.

The lower tier…

And the third tier…
The furniture is a little worse for wear, but I’ll be acquiring more pretty altar cloths to cover them! I am also going to acquire an athame and a pendulum.

Now for the letter ‘B’!

B is for Blessed Be

Since evolving on my long-flowing spiritual path, this traditional phrase invokes warmth and good energy to everyone it is said to. Wishing wellness and positive things to people is something that means a lot to me, and I love to do it in a world of straight-up meanness.

I like to say it to everyone I can. You can never know the battles people are fighting every day, and sometimes a single word (or a couple words!) can go a long way in making their day a little bit brighter. And a little burst of positive energy can never hurt either!

Love and light,

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