Auld lang syne

Day 31 – New Year’s Hopes

The wheel has turned, and a new year has begun under a full moon.   Everything is new, resting, ready to be rejuvenated.  Plans, dreams, action, riding wild donkeys without one iota of hesitation until stuff gets DONE.

I’m not much of a “resolutions” kind of gal.  I feel I set myself up for failure most of the time, but I LOVE making fun lists of things to do during the year (thank you, Leonie Dawson and the Create Your Incredible Year workbook!).  But this year is to be a busy one, and I have high hopes.

This year, I hope to gain courage.  Insight.  Wisdom.  Love and awareness of my self.

My current relationship is intense, beautiful, joyous.   It’s actually kind of scary.  Wonderful and scary when you’re looking your twin flame in the face, in the heart, in the soul.  Accepting this into one’s life CAN be scary.  I hope for the balm of his love on my own soul and the passing of my fear.

I hope for lovely adventures, for motivation and for joy.  I hope for progress in my art and ideas, for my blog and the things I want to do.

Happy New Year, everyone!


Day 31 Photo Challenge – New Year’s Eve


Our fabulous NYE party was colour-themed.  Guess which colour I chose? 😉 I was coordinated even down to my drink!


Thanks for being with me through this challenge and celebrating this beautiful season! See you in the blessed new year as I work on building a wonderful 2015.


Love and blessings for the new year,

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