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Howdy goddesses!

Today I’m sharing with you my art supply wishlist while I experience utter healing with my love here. Art supplies are the biggest weaknesses of the girls and me, and whenever we find ourselves in an art store, we stand drooling over everything and touching all the wonderful papers and canvases available. We sigh at the pens, the Copics, the Derwents, and even at the mediums we haven’t tried yet, such as resins and paints. So many delicious textures and colours, and let’s not even mention the inspiration we wind up with!

It’s practically orgasmic to walk into a Curry’s or DeSerres!

Supplies may take up more room, but this is why I can’t ever imagine solely doing digital art. I greatly admire it and the talent that goes into it,  but I prefer to be hands-on and be able to touch all my tools and paper, and that includes all the mess that goes along with it!

Lately I’ve been discovering products at Curry’s that make me weak in the knees, so I’ve put them on my wishlist until I can justify their prices. A couple things are inexpensive enough that I’ll pick them up next time I go, but the rest are Derwent and as AMAZING as that brand is, their stuff is rather pricey (and very much worth it).

So this is my official art supply wishlist! 71xeVLdpHRL._SL1340_Sakura Pigma Coloured Brush Pens
I have the black brush pen and I’d LOVE to have all these colours!


Derwent Metallic Water-Soluble Pencils
These are SO COOL! Whether I’m accenting my art or drawing on black paper, these would look great.


Derwent Graphitint Pencils
The girls and I first saw these at Curry’s near Pacific Mall, and we stood drooling over them for a while. I’ve never seen anything like these before. They really change up the drawing game!


Derwent Water-Soluble Sketching Pencils
Another item we first encountered at Curry’s. They make great washes for large areas!


Strathmore Artist Tiles – Grey
These are actually a LOT cheaper at Curry’s ($5 or just under, I think).

712PJxcfy3L._SL1200_Yasutomo Mineral Paper
This paper was RIDICULOUSLY SMOOTH. WOW. It was like a tactile orgasm.

These Copics to supplement my Spectrums:

What’s on your creativity wishlist lately, everyone? 🙂

Love and light,

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