Art Post Wednesday

Hello everyone! A very happy Wednesday to you, wherever you are! Today I have a couple new pieces of art to show you all, and I hope you like them 🙂

First up is my very first full marker drawing, complete with background. This is actually a bit of a big deal for me because I never draw backgrounds, haha! I used some of my Spectrums, but mainly used the girls’ big set of Copics. This is my dragon, Aria, and I did this piece for a custom iPod Touch case on Artscow. The site is currently running a 3 for $20 deal for custom cases, so the girls and I couldn’t pass it up! I’m really excited for it to get here!


Now I’ll just need to do a similar picture of Jon’s dragon, Virakal, because not only do I want to see what he looks like with Copic colouring, I want to trim and mount both pictures and have them side by side.

Next up is a sneak peek of some super-cute food that I’m going to offer as a set of stickers 🙂


This one was a quick drawing in my series on mental illness. It doesn’t have a title yet, but it’s how I feel on many days when I’m trying to climb out of the dark pit.


Another quick drawing with grey markers. This one is called “Half My Soul: The Loss”. I tried to work on another one that was full of joy instead of grief and was colourful, but I couldn’t quite get it to look how I wanted it to.


Sorry there isn’t a whole bunch of art! My inspiration lies across the ocean and so I haven’t been drawing as much as I want to. But it’s starting to pick up a little, it seems, so hopefully there will be more soon and I can make my shop!

Love and light,


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