Art Post Wednesday

Hello everyone 🙂 I’m terribly sorry for so much space between posts. The girls and I were getting ready for Anime North, then we were house-sitting for Liat’s dad, and we’ve been so swept up in intense stress and goings-on that I haven’t found much time to post until now. I have, however, created some art in the last two weeks, and here it is!

“The Ugly Side”. I sketched this one last week to vent my feelings, and I did feel a bit better afterwards.

The Ugly Side copy2This piece was done as a commission for my friend Paul. He wanted his gerbil Barton looking sinister and dark atop the skulls of his enemies. Paul was very pleased by the result and so was I!

Gerbilicious copy copyAnd this piece was inspired by this beautiful piece on DeviantArt. The saying inspired me so greatly that I came out with this, and it’s so true to what Jonno has done in my life 🙂

rosespring copy2
Have a lovely rest of the week, friends! Have you created any art recently? Show me in the comments or on Facebook!

Love and light,

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