Art Post Wednesday

Hello goddesses! Happy Wednesday, wherever you are in the world! 🙂

Jon arrives tomorrow night and I’m going absolutely stir crazy in anticipation! AAAHHHH!! Please light a candle and spare good energy for a good flight and a wonderful arrival, if you could! I’ll be headed to Pearson a little early, as it already takes me two hours to get there via public transit, and it’ll be rush hour when I need to go!

Here’s my latest art pieces from the past couple of weeks.

We start off with this lovely lady who was done in a mixture of Copic and Spectrum Noir markers. I’m a big fan of her eyes and her hair was a lot of fun to do!12688349_10153537824313337_8500669407224566057_nHere’s a maned wolf lady realizing her moment of freedom. Those are just her markings going up her cheeks, not her mouth itself 😉12744124_10153537824188337_7536723825947025800_nI wanted to do a cute version of my dragon character Aria, and I love how this came out! 🙂 My coloured pencils seem to do quite well in my sketchbook, and my Prismacolours have been (mostly) behaving lately without all their leads falling out (although there’s been a couple I’ve seen fall into the bottom of their case), so I’m very pleased with how things turn out. It’s also nice to have most of my art in one book instead of spread everywhere on different papers.

Not that I mind that, really, as I love experimenting with different kinds of paper!12745988_10153537824488337_5793466745040465379_nHere’s a little Valentine’s piece I did. She’s started as a quick sketch but I really liked how she emerged from my pencil, so I finished her up with the girls’ help for her hair and lingerie colours. 12745625_10153537824693337_3785627045459812666_nAnd here’s part one of the exciting commission I mentioned last week! This was the favourite and will make up one section of wall if my friend’s brother’s business takes off.12743868_10153537825478337_2335826282453537471_nAnd this was the other piece, what I call the fun one! My friend’s brother loved the bottom phoenix and wanted one as the focal point of the above elegant swirls, but his business partner rejected the idea 😉 Not sure where this piece will be utilized, but I hope folks enjoy it! Both pieces were scanned and then fixed up in Photoshop, resizing them for optimal printing for their walls. The originals are still wanted, however 🙂12734227_10153537825373337_7950504818149449302_nMy friend Kent saw the above doodle and absolutely fell in love with it. Because my other friend’s brother wants the originals, I offered to do a brand-new piece focusing on the beloved cats in Kent’s life, so he commissioned me to do so. He’s one hell of a furdad and his cat Lambert is probably the most-loved feline in the world. I kept a lot of the ideas of the above piece in Kent’s drawing as he loved it all so very much, but I added Lambert there on the right, his dad’s old friend Sam on the top left (RIP, dear Sam), and his dad’s new little guy, Sidney, on the bottom left. Kent absolutely loved it and I can’t wait to give it to him in person!12742124_10153537825218337_9195326149984654629_n


What have you been creating lately? Share with me in the comments or on Facebook!

Love and light,

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