Art Post Wednesday

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve all had a lovely hump day, wherever you are in the world! I apologize for this post being so late in the day, but here’s my latest art to show you all!

We’re starting with a new character I’ve designed on an original species called the Dutch angel dragon. You can find more info on this species here. I love to create characters on the wonderful original species creative types have come up with! The Dutchies (also called DADs) are such a well thought out design. This character is named Nephele 🙂

IMG_3620 copyNext up is a commission from a very lovely lady who is friends with Anthony and Ashley. She wanted me to draw her character Verse in my traditional style, so I had a great amount of fun using a mix of my Prismacolours and Spectrum Noir markers this. I had some difficulty with the pose she wanted, but in the end it was great practice for me as I’m prone to drawing the same kinds of poses over and over! We were both very happy with how this came out.Verse_small
Next is my caribou character enjoying some of the strangely rare snowfall in southern Ontario, haha! The scanner doesn’t show it, but the silvery bits you see were actually done with a clear shimmer Sakura Gelly Roll pen. It shines really nicely in the light, I promise!
Winter Bibbit copyI quite love this succubus lady, who rather reminds me of licorice allsorts! She was done all in Spectrum Noir, and I’ve censored her nips for polite company (although I truly don’t find anything offensive about human breasts, personally!
Darkstars censored
And my last offering for this week is a quick sketch I did for my Tumblr blog. Every year, there’s a #Witchsona drawing event that happens the last week of January, and artists create a witch who best represents their personalities, hobbies, and loves. My witchsona is very much me (minus the antlers), especially in the near future. A long skirt-wearing barefoot hedgewitch, carrying a sketchbook and enjoying herbs and flowers with her cat friend by her side.
I actually just finished up a set of two commissions that I will show you all in next week’s art post! I’m really excited about them and I hope the business they’ve been created for will start up successfully and flourish.

See you soon, lovelies! I’m off to work on more art as I relax with candles around me and the mild night air gusting in. I’ve spent the day on Skype with Jon, finishing up those aforementioned commissions, and cleaning up a bit as we prepare for the girls to get some awesome new furniture in their bedroom on Friday. It’s been very dry and sunny today, but we might be in for some winter weather next week… FINALLY!


Love and light,

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