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Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday to you all, I hope it’s treating you well. I’ve got my first art post of 2016 to show you!

After suffering an intense art block for years, then finally losing it in 2014, I lost it again a little bit after returning to Canada. When the source of your inspiration lies three thousand miles away, it’s a little difficult to pick back up again. But I did, and I’m really happy with all the art I’ve been creating.

Now to get prints up and we’ll be set! 🙂

I prefer this method of putting the images in the blog as opposed to photos, so I’ll be doing this from now on! I think it looks cleaner and more professional.

Remember the test drawing I did with the girls’ pentab? Here’s the finished version 🙂oh godcopyA few days later, I played again with the pentab and drew a  new character of mine, Sonata.

Sonata copy

This was my first drawing of 2016. The previous year passes away in a flurry of gratitude and glitter, calming down in a softer feeling of renewal and hope as the new year begins. I included details with metallic and clear shimmer Sakura Gelly Roll pens (which I was very excited to get from Amazon right before Christmas), but the scanner killed the effects.ny2016copy

And here’s one of my last pieces of 2015. I drew Storm from X-Men! She was so much fun 🙂print10web

And this little piece I did, again with the pentab and Paint Tool Sai, of my and Jon’s dragon characters. Why did I make Virakal so dang hard to draw? So glad I didn’t decide to be so bold as to try to draw his full body when I’m just learning how to use the tablet, haha!
draggies copy

I hope you all enjoyed that 🙂 What are you all working on this week?



Love and light,


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