Art Post Wednesday

Howdy goddesses! Happy Wednesday, wherever you are in the world!

I hope you all had a good Halloween/Samhain, if you chose to celebrate it. I decorated my altar and walked through falling leaves, appreciating and meditating on the beauty of nature and the turn of the wheel. The nights lengthened and we enjoyed our Halloween at a friend’s party down in Mississauga.

Today is art post Wednesday! Today I have a couple completed pieces as well as some fun sketches I’ve started. I hope you enjoy them!

First up is a new drawing in my Final Fantasy series. This is Aeris from FFVII, and she’s holding a staff that not many people draw her with. I mucked it up though, mainly at the shaft, but I still love her 🙂12189624_10153334881998337_915562687650180094_n

Next we have Rinoa, a beloved character from Final Fantasy VIII!12046675_10153334882123337_3200868204944437435_n

And then there’s Terra from Final Fantasy VI, who I showed you last week 🙂 I’m so happy with how she turned out, especially given all the detail involved.

This lovely lady has no name, but I hope she turns out well! I really like her face so far.12189880_10153348462183337_9023896633343367155_n

Here’s Amethyst from Steven Universe. I just love that show, and Amethyst is my favourite character! I can’t wait to finish her!12196114_10153348462128337_1464500420632926038_n

Here’s a sketch that’s been in the works for a long time. She should be finished in the next few days!12196204_10153348462458337_5038791036523493096_n

This new design is in anticipation of ordering another custom item from Artscow with my dragon, Aria, on it. This will be a pastel lolita type panel with lots of feminine elements and a swirly frame. I want to put it on a skirt next time the site has a clothing special, but for now I’d like to have it on a tote bag or something 🙂11168425_10153348461783337_4630165295648680174_n

What are you goddesses working on lately?

Love and light,

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