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Hello everyone, and a happy Thursday wherever you are in the world!

I’ve got some new art to show you! I’m having so much fun playing with my Spectrum Noir markers, I’m kind of getting addicted now. Is it the art, or is it the alcohol?

…The world may never know.

No, but really, here are my latest pieces! I’ve been deeply inspired by a bunch of art and tutorials I’ve run across lately, and although most of the tutorials are for the more widespread Copics, I found that I didn’t have much difficulty adjusting. I’d say the only real bad thing about Spectrum Noir is that there aren’t as many in-between colours as Copic markers. I think I’ll supplement and stick some loose Copics into my collection once I get back to Canada.

First up is Tifa from Final Fantasy VII. She’s been a girl crush of mine since 2006 and I was happy to draw her!
11753274_10153144384803337_314467336569541402_nNext is Yuna from Final Fantasy X, another love of mine! She was actually a little difficult for me to draw, especially her sash and her staff. 11737814_10153144698673337_4699264591398805632_nHere’s a random character who doesn’t have a name. I really love her hair, though. She looks like some sort of magical girl.  Any ideas on what she should be called?11760236_10153144384933337_2998563643967114799_nAnd, last but not least, here is my new logo for my art! I usually go by Pink Caribou Art, so that’s why I have antlers. Hmm, maybe I should have made them pink, because they’re blending into my hair. The sketchy look of my initials is intentional, don’t worry!
11218837_10153144384763337_1073766619534827022_nSo far, I’m liking the new techniques I’m learning, but I think I’m straying far too close to the styles of particular artists, so I’m going to regroup and find even more tutorials so I can branch out further and put my own unique spin on these styles!


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