Adventures Continue

All right, so I’ve been very stressed and anxious and haven’t been working on this 30 day blog challenge like I should have been. I’m actually pretty disappointed in myself for it, as I was trying hard to get back into the habit of blogging frequently and make Goddess Within a worthwhile place to visit as I build up my creativity into a supernova of awesome.

I’ve been very stressed as I prepare for my trip to England and Switzerland. There’s been a lot of things on my mind involving this wondrous adventure, and because I tend to be paranoid and think of all the worst case scenarios that might happen, I’ve been far more fearful than excited.

My adventures for Monday through today have circled around getting things ready. Tell the bank I’m going on holiday. Look for sandals (no luck). Look up baggage regulations. Change my seat on the plane. Laundry. Pack. Charge my electronic devices. Try to soothe my high-strung body and mind while also try to put worrying husband at ease.

In the middle of all that, on Tuesday we had a line of vicious thunderstorms move through that produced severe weather and tornadoes. After seeing a muddy-green sky and ducking back inside with my camera, I was happier than ever to live in a basement apartment!

For the rest of the month I will try to blog as frequently as possible, but no guarantees, my friends. I am now feeling a lot of excitement as opposed to dread and anxiety and physical illness. I am still finding my goddess self, and I have a feeling this trip is going to really help me out on that path.

Love and light,

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