Hey there, you fabulous person you! My name is Mary and this is my wee website and online world! I am an artist, a creatrix, a writer, a photo-taker, and an American expat currently based in Leicester, UK.

I love creating. My life revolves around it! I’ve been making stuff and drawing ever since I could pick up a crayon. I write on my blog about living a creative goddess life, a curious explorer of the world around me, always trying new things and having new adventures. I am learning to love myself and to live life to its fullest, with all its messy bits and its glorious bits and its dark bits and its big shiny sparkling bits.

Goddess Within was a blog started on WordPress in 2014 with the intent to share my life, my art, my writing, my spirituality, and my crafts. Previous incarnations were known as The Goddess Within and Sweet Maple Life to share my life as an American in Canada. Creativity is my life and it makes me truly joyous, and I always seek to spread the joy. I want everyone to join in on this great life on this great blue planet!

I focus on mainly producing art and am growing as an artist all the time. I love trying new things and will soon be opening online shops to spread the fun.

I hope you will join me on this wild sparkly ride!