A Ravenstone Walk

Hello friends near and far! Happy happy Friday, wherever you are in the world!

Today has been a clear, crisp winter’s day full of pale-golden sunlight and the lightest of breezes. I smelled warmth on the air instead of snow or ice, which was a nice change from the sub-freezing temperatures from Thursday. Despite the chill, it rather felt like spring was in the air!

I got out on my regular brisk walk through the village, both to burn calories and to soak up as much Vitamin D as I could on this treat of a day. January has been fairly dark and grey this year, so any bit of sun I can manage to get is appreciated!

Blackbirds and jackdaws meandered the emerald-green grass, all looking for their respective lunches. The occasional woodpigeon or two whirred overhead into the trees. Sometimes huge tractors will go by, or draft horses will go by ridden by their owners (I’m thinking these horses are Gypsy Vanners based on looks and size alone, but I’m unsure as I’m no expert on horse breeds), and almost always I’ll meet very friendly dogs as they and their humans pass by. But today there was no one else about. It was just me and the birds, and a bit of traffic along Ibstock and Ashby Roads.

The ancient church was solemn, its spire peeking out and looking down Hospital Lane at the retirement home.  Thin blue haze clung to the distant fields and copses, giving them a gradient effect, and the serene village smelled of everyone’s cozy fireplaces.

Here is the old village pinfold, where stray farm animals were impounded back in the day. If you found your animal there, you had to pay to get it out again!

I really appreciate how everything here is so green, even in the middle of winter. Everywhere else I’ve lived has been just brown and grey until springtime.

I returned home with my hair smelling of the sweet woody smoke from chimneys, my lungs taking deep breaths of chilled air, and my heart–as always–grateful.

All the gardens are sleeping soundly in Ravenstone, but the Goodger garden is still lovely on this winter afternoon. I’m looking forward to sitting outside again and working on art or writing!

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