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Day 20 – Favourite Christmas Movies


I absolutely LOVE Christmas movies.   Just love them.  Especially the ones I grew up on.  They are:


– It’s a Wonderful Life

– Elf

– The Santa Claus Movie (the one with Dudley Moore)

– Santa Claus is Coming to Town

– Nestor the Long Eared Donkey

– Prancer




Photography Challenge Day 20  – Merry and Bright


Liat is Jewish, so she’s been lighting our little menorah every night for Hanukkah.  Next year I’m going to buy her a nice one that wasn’t given to her from a rabbi passing them out for free 🙂 It’s cute, but I think she deserves a nicer one!







Day 21 – Gifts


Who doesn’t love gifts?  Everybody does!  When I was a spoiled child and much greedier than I am now, I’d run out into the living room on Christmas morning and get buried in a mound of wrapping paper, bows and ribbon, and indulge in such satisfaction and glory afterwards that I couldn’t imagine getting older and getting fewer presents.   I couldn’t deal with the thought!


As I got older, I realized more and more at how materialistic I was.   It was a difficult thing to deal with, but eventually I became less so and less eager for useless “stuff”.  I mean hell, I LIKE stuff.  LOVE it.  But my rabid desire for toys and all manner of things soon turned into the need and love for practical things, handmade things, and things I could tell came from sheer love, no matter how small.


That’s not to say I don’t love the big stuff.   I got a BIG THING this year and I’m bloody ecstatic about it!


A few of my favourite gifts…


One year I got a lovely little bag of things from my mother (my biomom), and it included a pair of crocheted slipper sockss done in rainbow yarn.  I needed slipper socks, I LOVED slipper socks, and I could feel the love in each stitch (how corny, I know, but it’s true!).  I wore the hell out of them!


My adopted mom made a lot of things on her embroidery machine, and she made me a TON of awesome little things with it.  I got excited whenever she said she was making me something!  She put so many cute things in my stocking at Christmas, like lip balm holders, tissue holders, and colourful jump drive caddies on a binder ring.


This year, my friend got me a few EOS lip balms, and Liat got me a Hello Kitty crochet book and beginner’s chopsticks so I stop struggling at Pacific Mall and in restaurants.  Not sure yet what Alora – my other best friend – got me.  My mother got me a digital copy of “Simple Abundance” which I’m excited to read with her starting January 1st.  Other friends got me two games for my Nintendo 3DS.  My twin flame got me the DSLR I’ve been wanting, and it’s the biggest gift I’ve received in a long time and I was absolutely floored when he bought it.  Gobsmacked, even.  Not that I doubted he could or would, but having a big-guns camera of my very own and not having to worry about someone else taking it away and saying it’s theirs is AWESOME!!


So there’s practical, there’s fun and useful, and then there’s HOLY EFFING CRAP!!!





Photography Challenge Day 21 – My View Right Now






Love and light,


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