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Day 18 – Christmas Menu

My Christmas menu is usually the same, and is very similar to Thanksgiving, which is another holiday I greatly cherish.




Homemade mashed potatoes

Cranberry sauce

Yorkshire puddings

Sauteed green beans & onions


Egg nog and a varying kind of treat for dessert, such as gingerbread (I haven’t yet decided what this year’s dessert is).






Photography Challenge Day 18 – Holiday Outfit


I usually have a Christmas outfit for the annual party I used to hostess, and it consisted of a pretty sweater, a skirt or my black trousers, Christmas earrings, red lip gloss, and some kind of accessory like a Santa hat or pink antler hair clips.






When I lived with my family the outfit was similar.  For a couple of years I would put my hair up in a high ponytail and then give it a cross-wrap  in gold ribbon.


Christmas Eve, 2001.  My first niece, Gwen, had just been born less than a month earlier! Putting the new babies in Santa outfits is a sort of a family tradition!



Christmas 2002


But when I was little and my mom had full control over what I wore? Oh boy.





At the time, I hated girly clothing and HATED being dressed up for the holidays – or any occasion, really.  It was uncomfortable, restrictive, hot,  and Mom would pull my hair back so tightly in its ‘do that my forehead muscles would be making tiny twitches.  She always put me in itchy opaque tights and stiff shoes that weren’t quite big enough for my ever-growing feet.   Then, after she did all her work on me, I HAD TO SIT STILL.  FOR AN UNDETERMINED AMOUNT OF TIME.


“Don’t even BREATHE, you’ll mess it up!” she would say if I tried moving at all.


So this picture explains exactly how I was feeling!


In the below picture, I seemed more comfortable and didn’t have to wear some unholy shoes, but I still remember those damn tights being itchy!  Bit of a background story: Mom (my adopted mom) was a very crafty lady and was huge into the ceramics scene in the 70s and 80s.  Before I was born she had her own shop where she taught classes and sold unpainted bisque, and after she shut it down and moved it into a tiny shop in an extension of our house, she had the kiln and all the moulds, so she continued to sell and especially create.  She did this entire Nativity scene herself and was so proud of it.  When she stopped using the entire set, she continued to place the Holy Family in front of the Christmas tree every year, and then eventually started using the infant Jesus alone under the tree.




After this photo was taken, my Aunt Linda called on the phone, and because this was before cordless phones were popular, Mom had to go into the kitchen to get on the phone and talk to her.  So because she couldn’t see me from there, I felt instant relief and began to play as normal, LOL, but very quietly so she still thought I was sitting pretty!


I wish I’d scanned a couple other pics when I was still in Virginia.  They were hilarious, but at the time I was nowhere NEAR amused.   One year she dressed me in the most ridiculous elf outfit, and I was so humiliated at having to wear it that I was crying.  It was bloody AWFUL, I tell you! So the photo of me has my face in a cross of misery and mortification, and Mom told me that I growled afterwards: “Can I take this STUPID outfit off now?”  Possibly on that same year, she dolled me up on Christmas morning in a long, red flannel nightgown and matching frilled cap, when all I wanted to do was run in and see my presents.


At least I didn’t seem too bothered by my outfit in 1985.






Day 19 – Letter to Santa


I firmly believed in Santa until I was 9 years old, and I didn’t take the truth very easily!  I wrote Santa a letter every year and my parents sealed it in an envelope and addressed it, and as far as I knew they mailed it 🙂  I often did little drawings in the letters, too, and got very excited when it was time for Dad to go mail it off!




Photography Challenge Day 19 – Tree Topper


The topper on my best friends’ mini tree is, well, a bit goofy.




Get it?  *ducks and runs*


Love and tree lights,


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