31 Things at 31

Howdy goddesses! I hope your Wednesday is going swimmingly!

Wellp, today is my birthday. Thirty one years old. Thirty one.  Wait a minute… HUH??? SAY WHAT??


How the HELL did this happen?

I’m PRETTY sure that I was just 20 yesterday. In fact, I still feel like I am. And you know what? That’s what really counts in the end!

So, as part of today’s little celebration (YEAH!! YOU GOT THIS FAR IN LIFE, MARY!!), here’s a snapshot of thirty one things in my life right now, thirty one things that make me wonderfully ME!


1. My two main travel dreams right now are to go to Hong Kong and to Italy. Not sure WHERE in Italy, but somewhere!

2. I hate the transit part of traveling. I love planning, and I love getting to my destination and I love exploring. But I HATE HATE HATE packing, and flying, or taking trains and buses. It’s utterly exhausting and mentally draining for me.

3. I’ve finally built a wardrobe consisting of items I absolutely adore. Because I currently live in such a tiny space, all the planning and careful consideration that goes into keeping my wardrobe small has helped me find a truly enjoyable personal style. I no longer rummage through clothing that hasn’t been worn in two years, and I no longer wrinkle my nose at impulse buys that are usually mistakes. I quickly pull together matching outfits with ease and I love what I’m wearing.

4. My favourite outfit right now is a pale blue, daisy-print sleeveless dress with a brown waist belt, an ivory crochet cardigan with fringe at the hem, leggings with lace trim, and aqua flats.

5. Pinterest has helped me build my style, as well. It’s also given me lots of projects (which, YES, I have completed!), ideas of what I would love to have in my future home, gift ideas, and inspiration for scrapbooking and art journals. I’ve actually discovered a lot about myself through this website!

6. I’m obsessed with pink. And floral patterns. And polka dots, and lace, and pastels.

7. It took 31 years, but I’m finally comfortable with what I look like. I’m working long-term on getting my weight down for health reasons, but not for aesthetic reasons because damn, I’m beautiful!

8. Thanks to Youtube, I have learned how to properly dye my own hair at home. And after such a long time, I’m finally happy with said hair.

9. I love real life updates, all the little shiny moments of every day that enrich our lives. I’m a huge fan of “life” video blogs!

10. I’ve been trying to focus on the small things, the everyday, the beautiful moments of now. With severe anxiety disorder, I tend to look too far ahead and worry and scare myself to death, and sometimes I really can only function by paying close attention to the day ahead and nothing more.

11. One way I tend to engage #10 is through photography. If I don’t have my big Nikon with me, I’m eagerly snapping pics with my iPod Touch or Fuji Instax Mini.

12. I like to think that I have succeeded in becoming far less judgmental. It’s such a waste of time to judge people, putting negative energy out there. I’d rather practice empathy.

13. I find that I really cannot bear to watch tv or read news anymore.

14. I love flamingos. Flamingos everywhere.

15. One great feature of hitting my 30s is that my skin is GREAT. It’s so smooth without any of the dryness, blotchiness, or mild acne I got in my teens and 20s.

16. However, I do have several silver hairs. They’re not greys, they’re strands of glitter! Aaannnd that is what hair dye is for…

17. I am utterly in LOVE with milkshakes. Like, I’ve always been a fan, but I’m quite obsessed now. The crazy custom ones at Big Udders in Ashby are amazing!

18. I’m still not the biggest fan of vegetables, but I’m doing a lot better than I used to. I love spinach, broccoli, cauli, carrots, and onions, but I haven’t learned to love zucchini or eggplant.

19. I find that I can’t stand clutter around me. I lived with a borderline hoarder for most of my life, and I can’t bear to see spaces completely filled by THINGS. I like some decor, of course, but if I feel it’s too much, I go crazy and either have to put it somewhere else or rehome it altogether.

20. My homemade chili is dope. Everyone loves it! I make it all the time in winter, as well as soups and lots of lovely baked things.

21. I’m a little obsessed with crafting magazines. I have way more ideas and projects than I have supplies!

22. I’m currently excited about using alcohol markers (like Copics) to do art. It’s a whole new medium for me and bears gorgeous results, even though I’m no pro. I get so happy when I bring them out to use them!

23. I love being in England and being in a calmer, more beautiful environment than urban Ontario. I was a city girl during my 20s, hungrily and desperately catching up on life and the world. Now, extensive nature, quiet evenings, and unhindered moonlight are things I live for. I breath in their lusciousness and am calmed by them.

24. Also, I love the cooler weather, even in July. I like being able to wear cardigans and have my hair down on my neck and not worry about sweating to death or feeling sick!

25. I’m really not meant for warm, humid climates. Virginia and even southern Ontario are rough on me.

26. I’m emotionally addicted to tea. I’m not affected by caffeine, but it’s such a daily comfort for me and I really don’t think I can live without it.

27. I’m getting used to having all my books be digital instead of physical. With moving into a small space and then hopefully overseas, I had to sacrifice 98% of my book collection and get them all on my tablet. It was weird for me to get used to, but I feel good in that I can take a thin tablet everywhere with me and have a whole library of books in one spot, and I’m saving lots of trees!

28. My favourite movies these days are slapstick comedies. The sillier, the better. I find them to be very therapeutic.

29. I’m told that I have a knack for finding deals and piling tons of them into a limited budget like it’s a stellar game of Tetris. I’m a bloodhound who can smell bargains.

30. I’m currently hardcore brooding for a dog. Most women my age seem be brooding for babies, but not me! But I have to wait until my life is more stable before I can do that.

31. I dream about travelling more, owning a small house, and having an income based on my creative projects. I’m excited to see what this decade of my life holds!


Love and lots of birthday sprinkles from me to you,


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