Holly Jolly Christmas

 Day 4 – A Perfect Christmas Memory


Oh, I have SO many of these.  I’m going to give you a few of them because I can’t pick just one 🙂


December 1991, western New York.  I was 7 years old, and we had just gone out to rent the film Prancer.   I think earlier in the day Mom had bought me a Christmas mug with a small plush reindeer inside, and it was one of those mugs that would play a song when you lifted it up.  When we got home, Mom turned on the tree and I changed into my red and green tartan nightgown and sat in front of the tv with my new plush reindeer.  Mom made hot cocoa in my new mug, and some for her and Dad, and we all sat there in the living room with the tree on and watched the movie.  I remember feeling so content, filled with such quiet excitement for Christmas.  That moment was so perfect.


December 1992, Kentucky.   I was 8, and we had just moved here from New York.  Debbie (my bio mom) and my siblings came down to visit for Christmastime, and we had a big gift exchange one night–possibly on Christmas Eve, I can’t quite remember.  Anyway, it was so much fun and my uncle, grandmother, and elder sister were there as well.  It was the whole family.  I was so excited, so happy to be around everyone, and I remember really cherishing the gift Debbie got for me, if you can’t tell from this photo!





December 2008, Canada.  I had just moved to this country in early summer, and that November I had successfully reset my visitor status.  I was so happy, so grateful, and just full of joy.  I would have been happy with no gifts at all, to be honest!  Decorating my first tree that wasn’t at home was really special, too.








Photo Challenge Day 4 – The Temperature Today


Screenshot instead of a photo, but that’s okay!



That would be just above freezing for my Fahrenheit-using friends!



Love and light,



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