30 Day Mini Gratitude Diary (FREE)

Hello loves! Happy November, wherever you are in the world! Today I’m sharing a brand new freebie with you all.

For Americans, November is the month of celebrating everyday gratitudes, and this culminates on Thanksgiving. While I ascribe to feeling thankful every single day of the year, it’s kind of nice to choose one month to really focus on them! And November is a pretty dreary month that’s smack in between the excitement of autumn and Halloween and the December holidays, so I think it’s the perfect month for feeling some daily gratitudes as a bright spot in your every day.

I will be posting some daily gratitudes every day this month on Facebook and Twitter, and I’ve made this freebie so you can follow along!

When printed, cut out and stapled or clipped together, this diary is wee enough to slip into your purse or even your jacket pocket, so it’s great to take wherever you go and jot down something you’re thankful for as soon as you think of it/it happens to you.

I hope you all enjoy, and that you’ll join me in sharing what you’re thankful for throughout this month! 🙂


Click HERE to download the PDF file!

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