All is Calm

Day 2 – Weather


Today’s weather was grey and just at the freezing mark.  Tomorrow it’s supposed to snow a bit.

I like when December weather is around this temperature with lovely snow flurries.  The month just isn’t the same to me without snow and ice pellets, haha!  I may get sick of it come January, but I absolutely love it now.

December last year was interesting.  We had the worst ice storm the GTA has seen since 1977, and it was quite exciting and scary.  Right before Christmas, too.  There was so much property and tree damage, power outages, and Lord knows what else.  Here are some pics I took:









It was beautiful and fun to take pictures of, but the ice was dangerous and we lost power and had assorted adventures because of the storm.  I wouldn’t mind it happening again if it wasn’t so dangerous!






Photography Challenge Day 2 – My Idea of Holiday Cheer


I actually have a lot of ideas on what holiday cheer is, but the most clear thing to me is…


Hot chocolate!


Even better with mini marshmallows and a candy cane in it 😉



Love and light,


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