Here This Week – A Scrapbook

Hello friends, and a very happy Saturday to you! 🙂 I hope you’re getting a good start to your long weekend! Here’s what’s been going on around here this week:

Jon and I slept very well after coming home from Hunstanton, and we awoke mid-morning Sunday to Matt and Luci’s arrival. They were driving to the Bull Ring in Birmingham, and they invited us to come along with. So we quickly got dressed and hopped in the car, and away we went! It was a gorgeous sunny day, much different from the previous day’s weather!1460961_10153615893788337_9219464363482342422_n734976_10153615893853337_4654293761898834354_n1233453_10153615894093337_5434812680568329339_nWe really enjoyed our trip. It was only my second time at the Bull Ring, and I liked it even more this time around.

Luci’s main purpose was to get a new Olivia Burton watch, and when we entered the Goldsmiths Boutique I fell in love with a watch almost identical to the one she was buying. Rose gold, a buff-pink strap, and a gorgeous chocolate-brown face. Luci’s is rose gold with a lavender-grey strap and a rose gold face. I haven’t worn a watch since I was a kid, but I’d been wanting one for a while now and I really couldn’t pass this beauty up!

1923448_10153629328278337_6342684258552981821_nNext up, Luci and I went to Accessorize while the lads went to HMV. Accessorize is one of my favourite shops and biggest weaknesses (along with Paperchase), so it wasn’t long before I’d made it out of there practically drooling and hauling along a new purse and nail polish! The purse was just one of those things that I saw and my heart fluttered a little, like with the watch, and whenever that happens I know it’s the right choice for my wardrobe! 🙂

1916404_10153629369203337_6047683105483054647_nI’ve been wanting some of those silly Apple emoji cushions for a while now, so I grabbed this one as soon as I saw it! He’s just so damn cheerful and the emoji is one of my most used ones!

1919315_10153621772108337_2635222117758422945_nA new branch of the art store Cass Art had opened up, so I went in to see what it was about. My Sakura inking pens had been starting to die, so I was hoping to find a new pack of them. The store didn’t carry Sakura anything, which was a shame, but it did have a pack of Staedtler pens! I usually don’t buy Staedtler because they’re more expensive than Sakura, but the girls use them and never stop singing their praises. And they were a good price (although look at that original price… that would be over $40 CAD and they’re definitely not that pricey over there!).

11217161_10153629272158337_854565303470753388_nThe week has marched on, quiet and grey, with rain on Thursday and a sudden burst of warmth and sunlight today. On Tuesday, Jon worked from home after spending the morning at the GP surgery and the chemist. There was a book sale inside the waiting room at the doctors’ office, and I got these two books for 50p each. I’ve already started on “Heading Home” and it’s such a lovely book so far!

11141749_10153621772608337_3803924719975347536_nI picked up a few new colouring books at Tesco, and they have some gorgeous lineart inside! I’ve been working on this picture with my Prismacolours in lieu of actual art, since I seem to be in a bit of an artist’s block again:

993556_10153629272253337_4924151116608821896_nI’d forgotten that Jon ordered a bunch of Tassimo discs from Groupon until this box arrived Thursday morning! Nothing like enjoying a special cuppa on a grey, rainy day!

12494837_10153629272438337_5814569980728432640_nYesterday was a gorgeous day with sun and no clouds, and Jon and I washed his car before going out with Matt, Lucinda, Amelia, and a couple other pals to this lovely gastropub in Repton called The Bull’s Head. We ate in the garden room and it was splendid! Luci and I wanted to go for their Bulls Head Bath, which is an alcoholic sharing drink served in a little bathtub, but they were sold out. So we settled for their Goldfish in a Bag, which is a strong, citrusy cocktail served with ice, lime wedges and samphire in a Ziplock bag with an orange peel “goldfish” and a straw. Luci and I enjoyed baked camembert with pitta and a fruity chutney as a starter, then I had a warm chicken & crispy bacon salad with feta and egg as my main. Jon and his friend Josh shared a game platter from which I tried some rabbit for the first time. For dessert, I chose three sweet yakitori sticks: rum-soaked pineapple with vanilla + honey, chocolate-covered strawberries, and banoffee. I found all the food to be fabulous, though the wait times were long, and I would definitely go back!
That’s all for today. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend full of blessings, whether you celebrate Easter or not! 🙂


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